I started exploring ceramics in 2015 as a way to broaden my creativity as a graphic designer. The bli design project is based on minimalist, abstract and geometric concepts. My pieces are composed of simple elements and shapes giving them a voice to tell their story. My aim is to create from the simplicity. From this, ceramics has become a major focus. I am always striving for a sense of balance in my pieces while maintaining a trace of the handwork. Much of my inspiration comes from different areas, including;  abstract art, architecture, nature, poetry and graphic design. So I like everything to be simple, massive, abstract, natural or geometric.

My work is also influenced by the places that I have lived. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since then I have lived in Spain and the USA. Today, I work and live in Orange County California where I create my ceramics. Most of my pieces are made of porcelain using a pottery wheel. 

“All pieces are unique and their beauty includes their imperfections."

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Valeria Viggiano

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